How does a secure payment link work in Tunisia?

Interface de lien de paiement en ligne sécurisé

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Are you looking to transact securely online? then you may have heard about secure link payment method. But how exactly does a secure payment link work?

In this article, we will explain to you how a secure payment link works and the advantages it offers. Whether you are an online buyer or seller, understanding what a secure payment link is and how to use it is essential for a safe and smooth online payment experience.

What is a secure payment link?

A secure payment link, also called Pay By Link, is a mechanism to facilitate online payment by providing a unique link that redirects the user to a secure payment page. Indeed, This link is generated by a payment service provider (PSP) and can be used to transact online securely, without the need to share credit or debit card information directly with the seller. Secure payment links are often used for remote transactions, such as online purchases, bill payments, charitable donations, and more. They are protected by security protocols such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure that payment information is encrypted and cannot be intercepted by unauthorized third parties.

How does a secure payment link work?

A secure payment link is a quick and easy way to transact online.

The phrase often used to describe the use of a payment link is “contextual commerce”. When a buyer wants to make a payment, the seller can generate a unique payment link that redirects the user to a secure payment page. On this page, the buyer can enter their payment information, such as credit or debit card number, transaction amount, and any other necessary information.

The payment information is then encrypted to guarantee its security, using protocols such as SSL. The payment service provider (PSP) is responsible for validating the buyer's credit or debit card and authorizing the transaction. Once payment has been confirmed, the seller receives a notification and can then send the order to the buyer. This process helps ensure the security and confidentiality of payment information, while providing a convenient and efficient way to transact online.


What are the advantages of secure payment links for customers?

Using a secure payment link has many advantages for customers transacting online. First of all, it offers great security by protecting the user's personal and banking data.

Indeed, transferring the payment privilege to your range of payment methods means offering your customers a tailored response and ensuring an increase in your conversion rate.

Secure payment links are encrypted, meaning payment information cannot be intercepted by malicious third parties. Additionally, customers can make payments with ease, without having to manually enter their payment information each time. This allows for a faster and more convenient checkout process, which can be particularly useful for recurring purchases. Finally, secure payment links enable full payment traceability, making it easy for customers to track their transactions in real time.

What are the different payment links

We differentiate between different payment links, such as single-use links, which will be sent to a particular recipient:

  • Payment link by e-mail: The entrepreneur can create a payment link by e-mail by accessing the back office of his merchant site. To create the link, they simply need to create a payment order and provide certain information, such as the customer's email address. The customer will then receive an email payment privilege, which they can use to complete the transaction using the payment method convenient to them.
  • SMS Payment Link: The SMS Payment Link is a convenient and efficient method to facilitate transactions between customers and businesses. The entrepreneur can access the back office of his website to generate a payment link by SMS. They simply need to enter the customer's mobile number, who will then receive a payment link via SMS. The customer will then be able to choose their preferred payment method to complete the transaction. To be able to create a payment link by SMS, it is important to subscribe to a suitable service, such as an SMS plan.
  • Payment link with WhatsApp: The purchasing behaviors of your potential or current customers expand over time. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone, and making payments via WhatsApp is increasingly unusual. To offer this service to your customers, you have two options: generate a payment link with the WhatsApp application, or create a payment link directly via the back office.



The use of the secure payment link in Tunisia marks an important step in the evolution of e-commerce within the country. By offering a transaction method that is both convenient and secure, Tunisian merchants can now offer an optimal online shopping experience to their customers thanks to Konnect. The adoption of the secure payment link helps strengthen consumer confidence and encourage the growth of e-commerce in Tunisia. Tunisian companies have every interest in integrating this innovative solution into their commercial strategy in order to remain competitive in the market and meet the expectations of their customers in a constantly evolving digital context.

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