What are the new electronic payment methods in Tunisia?

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Electronic payment methods have experienced real growth in recent years. In Tunisia, more and more consumers are opting for these payment methods, which have become more accessible, practical and secure. In this article, we will review the new online payment methods in Tunisia, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional payment methods in Tunisia

Traditional payment methods in Tunisia are bank cards, bank transfers and cash on delivery. Bank cards are very widespread, but they are not yet used by all consumers. Bank transfers are also popular, but they can take time to process. Cash on delivery payments are often used for online purchases, but they are less convenient and can be risky.

New electronic payment methods


New electronic payment methods have revolutionized the way we carry out financial transactions. Consumers now have the option to choose from a variety of electronic payment methods:

Electronic wallets

E-wallets are payment tools that allow users to store electronic money on their mobile phone or computer. In Tunisia, several electronic wallets are available, such as Konnect.

Electronic wallets are very convenient because they allow you to pay quickly and easily.

Mobile payments

Mobile payments are another alternative to cash and credit card payments. They allow users to transfer money from their cell phones. In Tunisia, mobile telephone operators offer mobile payment services, such as Orange Money or MobiCash. Mobile payments are convenient because they are easy to use and do not require the use of a bank card.


Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that can be used to make online payments. In Tunisia, several cryptocurrency exchanges are available, such as CoinZoom or BitPaya. Cryptocurrencies are an interesting alternative to traditional payment methods, because they offer great security and confidentiality.

Payments by NFC

NFC payments are a technology that allows contactless payment using your mobile phone or a bank card. In Tunisia, this technology is starting to be implemented by banks and mobile telephone operators. NFC payments are very practical, because they allow you to pay quickly and without having to enter a code or password.

New electronic payment methods: advantages & disadvantages

Many people wonder what the pros and cons are associated with these payment methods. Although they offer great convenience and increased speed, they can also pose risks:


New online payment methods have several advantages, such as speed, convenience and security. They also reduce transaction costs and facilitate remote payments. In addition, they offer great flexibility and can be used anytime and anywhere.


However, new electronic payment methods also have certain disadvantages. they can be risky in terms of security, as they can be targets for fraud or hacking. In addition, these new online payment methods are not yet widely adopted by all consumers, which may limit their use.

Prospects for the development of new electronic payment methods

Business and start-up initiatives

Companies and start-ups in Tunisia have started to develop innovative payment solutions, such as mobile payment applications or e-wallets. These initiatives can help promote the use of these new online payment methods.

Regulations and legal framework

The Tunisian government has put in place a regulatory framework to govern activities related to electronic payments, which guarantees the security and protection of consumers. However, the realization of this plan remains a challenge for the government towards digital transformation

Evolution of consumer behavior

The adoption of new online payment methods also depends on changes in consumer behavior. Consumers need to be reassured about the security and reliability of these payment methods, as well as their ease of use.


New online payment methods in Tunisia offer undeniable advantages in terms of speed, practicality and security. However, their adoption remains limited and they also have disadvantages such as high costs and fraud risks. To encourage their use, it is necessary to continue to develop innovative solutions such as Konnect, to establish a solid regulatory framework, and to raise consumer awareness of the advantages of these new modes. online payment.

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