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Combining economic growth and environmental impact.

Konnect Planet is a program created through a partnership between Konnect and Soul & Planet. It offers Konnect-affiliated merchants the possibility of automating a contribution starting from 0.1% of each transaction in favor of tree planting.

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How it works:

Konnect Planet is a simple and effective platform for businesses to contribute to reforestation projects.

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Merchant contribution

Activate this option to act directly on the environment with your payments. Indicate a contribution rate, for example 0.5%, which will be allocated to tree planting. In this way, every transaction becomes a step towards a more sustainable planet.

Merchant contribution
Choose the contribution Soul and Planet will receive from each from each payment
0,5 %
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Customer contribution

By activating this option, you enable your customers to make an additional contribution on their purchases, at no extra cost to you. It's a simple and effective way to support environmental initiatives while promoting sustainable development.

Allow your customers to be part of a positive change with every purchase.

Why Konnect Planet?

Konnect Planet is a unique platform that enables companies to contribute to reforestation projects in a simple and effective way.

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Combating climate change

Trees sequester CO2, a greenhouse gas responsible for global warming.

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Preserving biodiversity

Forests are home to a wide variety of plant and animal species.

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Improving air and water quality

Trees filter air and water, making both cleaner.

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Contributing to a more sustainable future

Reforestation is an investment in the planet's future.

Total transparency

At the end of each year, a certificate signed by the Direction Générale des Forêts Tunisiennes, part of the Ministry of Agriculture, is issued. This document certifies the name of the merchant, the number of trees they have helped to plant, and the name of the benefiting forest.

Konnect planet dashboard english

Planting a legacy in Tunisia's forests

Konnect Planet focuses on several resilient and vital tree species such as Carob, Oak, Eucalyptus, Aleppo Pine and Acacia. These trees not only contribute to reforestation efforts, but also play a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance of the Mediterranean region.

Oak tree image

Strengthening the forest landscape, their robustness makes them guardians, fighting soil erosion and creating a sustainable habitat for local flora and fauna.

carob tree
Carob tree

A symbol of longevity and resilience, the carob trees we plant aim to support the natural regeneration of the forest and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Eucalyptus tree

Renowned for their rapid growth and ability to adapt to different environments, eucalyptus trees provide vitality.

Acacia tree

Contributing to resilience, acacias enrich the Mediterranean ecosystem by providing a vital habitat for a variety of plant and animal species.

Aleppo pine tree
Aleppo pine

Promoting forest resilience, these indigenous trees add diversity and support the restoration of the local ecosystem, helping to protect biodiversity.

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Empowering the forest communities

Beyond the environmental benefits, Konnect Planet has a direct and positive impact on the local community. As these trees age, they create a thriving ecosystem that enables local people to produce honey and harvest carob and Aleppo pine.

Harvesting carob and Aleppo pine seeds

The longevity of carob and Aleppo pine trees contributes to the sustainable production of carob pods and Aleppo seeds. This not only opens up economic opportunities for local residents, but also enriches the region's agricultural heritage.

Honey production

The presence of eucalyptus and acacia trees is a major advantage for local beekeepers. The flourishing flora provides an abundant source of nectar, resulting in high-quality honey production, supporting the growth of local beekeeping businesses and contributing to sustainable livelihoods.

Employment opportunities

We believe in creating meaningful opportunities for the community. Residents are not only the custodians of this forest; they are the architects of its revitalization. We are proud to employ community members to plant and maintain these trees, providing a source of income and fostering a sense of ownership and pride.

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